Update Leaflet

As we all know high-speed internet is viewed as a critical commodity just like water, electricity and gas. Since September 2019 there has been huge progress for Piltown & Fiddown to install its own high-speed internet service. Supported by Kilkenny LEADER Partnership and Piltown Community Enterprise this fibre to the home (FTTH) service will give the community access to world-class broadband at an affordable cost.

What will happen?

In January 2021 we plan to commence the laying of an underground fibre-optic cable around the villages of Piltown and Fiddown. Each home, school and business will be able to connect to this state-of-the-art service. Once complete, the community will run it’s own low-cost Internet Service – there will be no need for 3rd party providers.

What we need

Community participation is crucial to keep the installation costs down. Any individuals or businesses who wish to avail of this service are urged to get in touch as soon as possible to find out when you can get connected and how you can help.


How much will I have to pay?
As little as possible. Broadband for our Community is a not-for-profit company limted by guarantee and it is our mission to deliver broadband that is faster and cheaper on every level.
Monthly Fee: Our aim is to charge no more than €39.99/month for the first 2 years. Once the project has been paid for the price will go down for everyone.
Installation: The laying of the cable will be a combination of contractors and community volunteers with residents expecting to pay no more than €100. We expect to implement a scheme where residents can assist in the project in exchange for discounted connection.

Where will the cable run?

The fibre cable will run in a loop around Piltown & Fiddown, accessing from fields at the rear for most houses and developments. For Main street and other terraced dwellings the cable will run along facsias. No satellites or antennas necessary – just a narrow cable duct.

What if I’m already in a contract with another provider?

No problem. Most contracts run out after 12 months without any obligation to renew. If you are bound to a contract it is our advice to get the fibre connection to your property. You can start your community broadband subscription when your existing contract runs out.