Up & Away

The more observant of you may have noticed some shiny new telecom poles appearing around the village. Poles were erected by local contractor Richie Walsh with the kind permission of home and land owners. Our gang at B4OC have been busy running cable overhead as we build out Ireland’s first community-owned Fibre-to-the-Home network.

These poles will allow easy deployment of high-speed internet to everyone in the village. The passive optical cable will run unbroken around the village using private lands and provide everyone with easy access to this future-proofed product.

To date we have a feeder cable running from the railway line up to the Creamery road and another feeder heading up to Tybroughney. This cable has 24 fibres and each of these fibres is capable of carrying gigabit broadband to 128 customers!


Installing our own aerial fibre optic cable