Piltown Levels Up

Learning to Splice

Learning how to splice fibre, safely run cable and installing the hardware required for fibre-to-the-home was on the menu last month as four members of the Piltown community went on a 5-day fibre training course in Carlow. This was the first time such a course was allowed to run since lockdown and all who went found it extremely beneficial.

Over the course of the week they learned about fibre-optic theory, explored network architecture and different methods of deployment. The group then immersed themselves into practical elements such as fusion splicing, splitting into a variety of enclosures, blowing fibre through tubes and also how to test and troubleshoot passive optical networks.

The group are looking forward to putting their new skills to the test once the materials arrive and start to build our very own fibre to the home network. Any enquiries to our contact page – we’d love to hear from you.

Paul Walsh applying his technical skills to the art of fibre splicing.