Blue Town

Under the Irish governments National Broadband Development Plan, broadband speeds will not be improved in the villages of Piltown and Fiddown from what they are currently. Through funding made available by Kilkenny Leader Partnership, Piltown Community Enterprise has put a feasibility group together to investigate the viability of installing our own community fibre broadband infrastructure. This will enable a dedicated, contention-free upload and download speeds of 1GBPS with no data cap to every household and business that is connected. The infrastructure will be owned and run by the community and will be not for profit. The viability of such an undertaking lies with the backing of a large percentage, if not all, of the community in both signing up to the broadband service as well as assisting during the rolling out/installation of the fibre in their area. The feasibility group will be holding an open night on Friday 13th September 2019 in the Piltown Community Centre. We would urge a large turnout. No matter what your knowledge of broadband is it would be of benefit to come along as we feel that this is an exciting and worthwhile project for the villages. All information regarding the proposed project will be given on the night and made available online following. All questions will be answered as best as we can on the night.